Houses and Signs : The houses in Vedic astrology have the same basic meanings as in the Western system, with a few important variations. Generally, the houses follow the analogy of the signs.

1. The first house, like the first sign Aries, shows the head, the ego and one’s sense of self.
2. The second house, like the second sign Taurus, relates to the gathering and holding of personal and material resources.
3. The third house, like the third sign Gemini, governs curiosity and research.
4. The fourth house, like the fourth sign Cancer, relates to the mother, home and emotional happiness.
5. The fifth house, like the fifth sign Leo, relates to our soul nature and creative intelligence.
6. The sixth house, like the sixth sign Virgo, relates to health and disease, work and service.
7. The seventh house, like the seventh sign Libra, indicates relationship and partnership.
8. The eighth house, like the eighth sign Scorpio, shows sex, death, the occult and the dark or hidden side of life.
9. The ninth house, like the ninth sign Sagittarius, shows our religious, philosophical or ethical principles or opinions.
10. The tenth house, like the tenth sign Capricorn, indicates our public status and our achievement in the material world.
11. The eleventh house, like the eleventh sign Aquarius, refers to our aspirations and goals, as well as intelligence and friendship.
12. The twelfth house, like the twelfth sign Pisces, shows our subconscious and our hidden emotional nature.

The Vedic system departs more from this analogy than its Western counterpart, mainly for its interpretation of the third and eleventh houses. The meaning of the houses cannot simply follow the signs, as it is dividing up a different kind of space.

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