Kuja Dosha :Mars in certain houses creates difficulties in marriage and relationship. This is called Kuja Dosha or the blemish of Mars . The relevant houses are the first, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth. Exceptions are for the first house if the sign is Aries, the fourth house if it is Scorpio, for the seventh if it is Capricorn or Pisces, for the eighth if it is Cancer, and for the twelfth if it is Sagittarius. These positions may be counted from the Moon as well.

Such a placement of Mars shows potential conflict in relationship or difficulties in the life of the spouse. A person with this planetary placement should generally only marry another person with a similar one. Mars in the seventh appears to be the most difficult of these and Mars in the first or eighth is often difficult as well.

Mars in the first can make us aggressive or contentious in our behavior. In the seventh it can cause conflict in relationship and the urge to dominate. Mars in the eighth may give a strong sexual drive or indicate the early death of the partner . In the fourth it may show an aggressive emotional nature or unhappiness in the home. Mars in the twelfth may indicate hidden passion or the wasting away of our vital energies.

Such Placements should not be interpreted simplistically, since many charts have them. They should be reinforced by other negative influences to the seventh house, its lord and the marriage significator. Moreover, they reflect a more passive role for women in society and may not be so applicable in the modern world where the woman has to work and may therefore need a stronger Mars, which most of these positions give. In this regard, Kuja Dosha for a woman may only require that she has an independent type marriage.

If the factors representing relationship are afflicated by other malefic (like the Sun, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu), a person may have difficulties in relationship even without Kuja Dosha. In fact these positions may be worse, like the Sun in the seventh house, which usually denies marriage or makes it unhappy.

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