Mahapurusha Yogas :Among the most common and most useful of the yogas are the Mahapurusha Yogas, planetary combinations that create great people. These occur when planets are located in their own sign or exalted and at the same time in an angle from the Ascendant or the Moon. Only the five major planets are considered, not the Sun or the Moon, but these also benefit from such positions. Such positions serve to magnify the qualities of the planet involved and stamp the chart with its nature, character and force. They may make the person of the type belonging to the planet. People with such charts often have the physical characteristics of the planet.

MARS – RUCHAKA Mahapurusha Yoga
The Mahapurusha Yogas for Mars is called Ruchaka Yoga, the radiant combination. It endows a person with strong Martian qualities like courage, determination and independence and gives a good power of action and achievement. Naturally, it is common in the charts of Mars type people : military leaders, politicians, lawyers, scientists and business executives. It gives much success but the tamasic qualities of Mars may come out, including tendencies towards domination and violence, so that it is not always spiritually beneficial.

MERCURY – BHADRA Mahapurusha Yoga
The Mahapurusha Yoga for Mercury is called Bhadra Yoga, the auspicious combination. It gives strong mercurial qualities like good powers of speech, intellect, wit, humor, humanism and a balanced psychology. It is common in the charts of intellectuals, teachers, writers and businessmen. It gives many talents to the mind but may augment the rajasic, agitated or commercial side of Mercury : the acquisitive mind and its seeking to grasp life in terms of names , forms and quantities.

JUPITER – HAMSA Mahapurusha Yoga
The Mahapurusha Yoga for Jupiter is called Hamsa Yoga, the swan combination, the swan being the bird of spiritual knowledge. It gives strong Jupiterian qualities, an ethical, philosophical or religious nature, optimism, creativity, health, faith, prosperity and affluence. It is common in the charts of religious people, teachers, liberal social and business leaders, sometimes entertainers. It gives joy and compassion and can give spirituality but may just serve to make us self- promoting, Jupiterian on a superficial level.

VENUS –MALAVYA Mahapurusha Yoga
The Mahapurusha Yoga for Venus is called Malavya Yoga. It gives strong Venusian qualities like comfort and prosperity in life, command of vehicles and material resources, beauty, charm, grace and artistic talents. It is common in the charts of artists, beautiful women, those possessing wealth or social influence, sometimes even politicians. Again it can give lower or higher Venus effects depending upon its placement. On a higher level, it gives powers of devotion.

SATURN – SHASHA Mahapurusha Yoga
The Mahapurusha Yoga for Saturn is called Shasha Yoga. It gives strong Saturnian qualities like power over people, positions of authority, control of material resources, with a strong work and achievement capacity. It is common in the charts of political and business leaders. As Saturn is a cruel planet, unless the Moon or Jupiter are strong the individual may be selfish, ruthless or destructive . Benefically placed it gives detachment and spiritual insight, the capacity for silence.

Mahapurusha Yogas are prominent in the charts of famous people. However, they are not uncommon; many charts have at least one of them. To really work, they must be well –placed. Such yogas are stronger when the planet is in the tenth, the best angle, or if the yoga occurs with respect to both the Ascendant and the Moon. It also helps if the planet involved is the final dispositor in the chart or rules over many of the other planets. Additional strength can be gained if such planets combine with friendly planets or planets of like nature, like Mars with the Sun or Jupiter with the Moon. It is better if the planet in the yoga governs good houses from the Ascendant.

While giving strength and power in the outer world, these combinations do not always give spiritual knowledge and can make a person prone to pride. Strong malefic in Mahapurusha Yogas, like the Mars and Saturn, can create tyrants. On the other hand, debilitated planets, though giving outer difficulties, can make us more humble. Many spiritual people, for example have a debilitated Jupiter in Capricorn for this reason.

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