Aghori Tantric
Origin of Aghori Tantric :
February 10, 2024
Aghora Tantra
February 10, 2024


Smashan Tara : Cremation grounds are seen to be polluting most, thus Indian smashans are located far from the center of town. However both the Tarapith mandir and smashan are within the vicinity of the town centre. It is common belief that Goddess Tara’s footprints are preserved in the smashan. The smashan contains within it permanent huts and residences amidst banyan trees for sadhus and tantriks. Dogs are a common sight. Trishuls decorated with marigold garland and skulls are placed at the entrance.
At the midnight hour, the aghori sits alone in the smashan. To his this is undeniably a sacred site. He is naked or digambra, fearless and unashamed .He performs his rituals and chants his mantra. He gazes in wonder at the resplendent form of his beloved goddess, Shamshan Tara –Tara of the Cremation Grounds. Maa , in her deep blue colour, with three eyes and four arms is said to arise amidst the blazing heat of the funeral pyre standing upon fire consumed skeleton of a male corpse like a warrior. Her right foot presses upon the breast which is the place of desire and Smashan Tara’s left foot pressing upon the skeleton’s legs, the place of worldly ambitions. The roaring funeral pyre is the fire at the end of time –kalagni, the ultimate conflagration of the universe .Her body is formed of pure light, she is unrestrained , wild, terrifying and fearless. Her beautiful midnight blue complexion represents her immutable and indestructible nature.
Smashan Tara is the colour of space .She is vast and measureless like the night sky beyond the concepts or qualities –nirguna. Smashan Tara brests are large pot shaped –ghatastani ,symbolizing spiritual nourishment to her bhaktas. Lambodari –her belly is full and rounded, symbolizing her hunger for the corpse of selfleness. Smashan Tara is as naked and sky –clad- digambra symbolizing her freedom from the veils of emotional defilements . The girdle of eight blood dripping forearms symbolize her severance of all actions and karmas and eight worldly dharmas of loss and gain, praise and blame ,pleasure and pain , ignominy and fame .Her long hair is disheveled and hangs freely to symbolize her united appearances and revel her unconditional freedom. If you seek, Maa Smashan Tara is there.
Om Namah Ugra Tara Devayee Namah.

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