Ted Bundy : As we have seen, a number of spiritual charts show illumination of the mind. Let us examine another chart that shows the forces of evil and ignorance. Ted Bundy was a mass murderer of young women who was eventually executed for his crimes. The chart is saturated with violence and sex and shows the darkest part of the Scorpio influence.

Ted Bundy’s Birth Chart

Five planets are in turbulent Scorpio in the fourth house of the emotional nature. Most noticeable is the debilitated Moon, which is close to the Sun, as it is just past new. Before it, in Scorpio, is a conjunction of the three fiery planets : Mars, Ketu and the Sun.

Finally we have Mercury, which by its mutable nature takes on and magnifies the influence of Mars. The fourth house, the Moon, Mercury and the lord of the fourth house are all severely afflicted, showing a deranged mind and emotional nature. The Moon brings with it the influence of Saturn in Cancer, which it rules. The Sun as the lord of the Ascendant is strongly afflicted. Here we see Mars energy at its worst, a mind and heart saturated with violence. This violence is directed against the Moon or women.

Jupiter and Venus are at the end of Libra in a cross sign conjunction with the planets in Scorpio. Such a close grouping of planets, particularly with strongly disposed malefic, is not good. The planetary rays get confused and murky . The benefic conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Libra allowed Ted Bundy to appear like a nice person and to attract women, as did the generally warm and expressive Leo Ascendant. Yet in the third, a martial house, Jupiter and Venus are an impulsive combination and kept him preoccupied with sex. Saturn in the twelfth shows his negative fate and time in prison.

Such people display a very dark but hidden character, which can appear outwardly friendly, helpful and affectionate. They thrive on the drama and polarity generated by this deception. It was no doubt that inflated ego, the need for drama (Leo), and the love of deception (Scorpio) that motivated Ted Bundy. Quite often, behind the attempts to please others is the ego’s need for power and drama, which can become violence when the darkness and ignorance behind it come out into the open.

All of his planets are between the tenth and the fourth houses, on the personal side of the chart, with nothing on the relationship side. They are between Rahu and Ketu, showing a Kalasarpa Yoga involving the emotional nature and the public.

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