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November 19, 2023
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November 19, 2023


SRI AUROBINDO : Sri Aurobindo was a major figure in the Indian independence movement before Gandhi, but renounced politics to become a great yogi. He was perhaps the greatest visionary of modern India, a seer and rishi of the highest order.

Sri Aurobindo’s Birth Chart

Mars and Jupiter rising in Cancer are a strong political combination and Raja Yoga . Mars has cancellation of debility in two ways. Yet Aurobindo applied this world –changing energy to his yoga and became a revolutionary in the field, striving to bring a Divine grace into the physical body itself.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus in the second in Leo create a good combination for poetry, and Sri Aurobindo was a great poet, linguist and philologist, a prolific writer. He had a sun –like gift of speech and writing ability. These planets are also in the ninth house from the Moon, indicating the spiritual and philosophical nature of his writings. Saturn combined with the Moon gives detachment and spirituality in Sagittarius, a sign of Jupiter, and gives work and service (karma yoga) in the sixth house, a house of service. It also helped make him a great philosopher who examined the entire issue of human suffering.

The Sun and Moon are both exalted in the navamsha, adding to his strength of character. Both Jupiter and the Moon, the lords of the first and ninth house in the birth chart, are in mutual reception, creating an overall spiritual and religious nature. Sri Aurobindo’s yoga looked to the transformation of the physical body. The Moon and Jupiter are also first and sixth house lords, showing his concern with the body in his yoga.

With all this Cancer influence, it is not surprising that Sri Aurobindo was a great devotee of the Divine Mother and emphasized the descent of the Divine Shakti , not human effort, as the way of transformation. Sri Aurobindo is often contrasted with mahatma Gandhi as being more the spiritual founder of modern India. His teachings have a powerful futuristic vision.

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