Ramana Maharshi :Ramana Maharshi is probably the most respected Self- realized sage of modern India, a great jnani or master of spiritual knowledge. He had a spontaneous realization at the age of seventeen when meditating upon death, and he never fell from that exalted state.

Ramana Maharshi’s Birth Chart :

Jupiter, the indicator of spirituality, is strong in the fifth, the house of intelligence and past karma, in the spiritual sign Aquarius, aspecting both the Ascendant and the Moon. It is also in the ninth, the religious house, from the Moon. The Moon is strong, a day after full, in Gemini in the ninth house. As the lord of the tenth, the Moon gives fame and popularity as a teacher. Both the Moon and Jupiter are vargottama, in the same sign in both the birth chart and navamsha, giving them more power.

The Sun is strong in the third, a house of discipline, in Sagittarius, the religious sign of Jupiter. The lunar nodes augment the strength of the luminaries and give them powers of higher consciousness, Rahu elevating the Sun and Ketu depending the Moon. This combination of the Sun and Moon with Rahu and Ketu in mutable signs and cadent houses shows self- knowledge and the illumination of the mind, as well as much time spent in meditation and seclusion. The nodes with the Sun and the Moon show the ability to go beyond ordinary consciousness for good or ill depending upon their placement.

Mars aspect the Ascendant and the second house, giving a high and piercing intelligence. Mars is particularly strong, being at an angle from the Ascendant and in its own sign (giving Ruchaka Yoga). Yet it was the acetic side of the Mars influence, not the military side, that came out for Ramana Maharshi. This is owing to the strength of Jupiter and the ninth house. Ramana Maharshi was considered to be an incarnation of Skanda or Muruga, the God of the planet Mars, who on an inner level represents knowledge and asceticism.

Saturn in the sixth gives asceticism and renunciation. Saturn and Jupiter exchange signs as lords of the ninth and tenth from the Moon, giving another Raja Yoga. The Moon as the self –indicator (atmakaraka) is well placed in Gemini (vargottama) in the navamsha and aspected by Jupiter and Saturn. So Ramana Maharshi’s spiritual abilities are quite evident with such a chart.

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