Some Useful Vastu Tips

Some Useful Vastu Tips :

Useful Vastu Tips : Your plot for building the house should always be rectangular or square. A triangular, round or corner-less plot doesn’t prove auspicious.
2nd Useful Vastu Tips : Keep the southern (direction inside the home) part always heavier than other directions. If you can’t do so, at least hang some scenery (Hill view) to make it appear heavier. If there is an open plot, you can plant Ashok. Kadamb like trees to make south heavier.
3rd Useful Vastu Tips : For ensuring blessings from the Goddess of riches, Lakshmi, on a permanent footing, plant a Tulsi in your house and keep a lighted lamp beneath it in the evening.
4th Useful Vastu Tips : Keep the main gate uninterrupted by any obstructing view, called Dwaarvedha. Never sweep your house after the sunset. In emergency you can do so with a sweeping cloth, particularly the Aangan part.
5th Vastu Tips : Keep the North-East (Ishaan) direction of the house and its central part (Braham sthan) always clean and pious, since these are the spots that keep the home full of energy. This may be the ideal place for having your Pooja-sthan but never for having a toilet. However in N-E direction only a bathroom can be made.
6th Vastu Tips :The ideal place for your kitchen should be the Agni-kon (South-East) with ample scope of ventilation. If there be none you can have exhaust fan installed there. It will keep the atmosphere clean.
7th Vastu Tips : Your bed in the bed-room should be kept in the south-west direction. There should have no mirror directly facing the bed. In case it may be unavoidable, keep the mirror covered with a cloth when not in use.
8th Vastu Tips : Your main gate should be the biggest gate in the house. But it should not be made in such a way as the inside activities of the house may become visible to the outsiders.
9th Vastu Tips : Never have staircase just before the main gate and the number of stairs should always be odd (like 3,5,7,9,11 etc.) but never 13. The stairs going up should move in an anti-clockwise direction.
10th Vastu Tips : Your money-chest or Tijori should be placed in the north so that it may face south.
11th Vastu Tips : Never have your Pooja-Ghar (Place for worship) directly below the staircase.

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